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At Bright Sara Beauty Salon, we believe that true beauty radiates from within, and our mission is to illuminate that inner glow in every individual who walks through our doors. Nestled in the heart of Shin Okubo, our beauty parlor is more than just a place for grooming – it's a sanctuary where self-care meets indulgence, and tradition harmonizes with modernity.

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Woman at the Hair Salon Getting Her Hair Styled
Professional hairdresser straightening long hair using straightener. Hair keratin.
curly red-haired woman using hair dryer on yellow background. Making perfect curls

Keratin Hair Straight


Hair Straight


Hair Curl


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Hands Dyeing Hair of Woman.
Applying Bleach on Clients Hair and Wrapping into the Foil
Hairdresser Cutting Woman's Hair

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Woman Getting Hair Shampooed at Salon
Hair Styling Process
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Hair Treatment


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Indian Traditional Bridal Look WIth High Quality Makeup & Jewellery

Bridal Makeup


Women Toasting with Juices at Baby Shower Party

Baby Shower MakeUp


Professional Makeup Artist Working with Young Bride at Home



A beautiful bride makeup artist applies makeup. Wedding morning of the bride

Party MakeUp


Photoshoot MakeUp


Backstage scene: makeup artist applies lipstick before the photoshoot
Young Girl Receiving White Facial Mask in Spa Beauty Salon.





Everyone deserves to be beautiful.

🌟 Welcome to Bright Sara Beauty Salon! 🌟

  • Step into a world of elegance and rejuvenation at Bright Sara Beauty Parlour, your ultimate destination for all things beauty in the heart of Shin Okubo. Our passion is to empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty and radiate confidence, and we're thrilled to bring this vision to life through our exceptional services.
  • 🌸 About Us: At Bright Sara, we believe that beauty is more than skin deep; it's a reflection of your inner vitality and self-care. Our parlour is named after the brilliance we aim to awaken in each individual, celebrating the idea that every person possesses a bright light within.
  • Our Offerings: Indulge in a curated selection of beauty treatments that cater to your every need. From luxurious facials that nourish your skin to precise hairstyling that enhances your personal flair, our skilled professionals are dedicated to bringing out the best version of you.
  • 💆‍♀️ Services We Offer: 🌿 Skin Care: Rejuvenating facials, soothing masks, and personalized skincare regimens tailored to your skin's unique needs. 💇‍♀️ Hair Styling: From cuts to colors, our hairstylists work their magic to create looks that match your personality and lifestyle.
  • 💄 Makeup Artistry: Whether it's for a special occasion or a daily glow, our makeup artists accentuate your features with finesse.
  • 🌟 Our Commitment: 🌺 Individualized Attention: Every guest is special to us. We take the time to understand your preferences and craft experiences that exceed your expectations. 🌺 Serene Ambience: Step into a peaceful oasis where relaxation and beauty intertwine, creating an atmosphere of tranquility. 🌺 Skilled Professionals: Our team consists of passionate experts who stay updated with the latest trends and techniques to deliver top-notch services.
  • 📍 Location: Discover the allure of Bright Sara Beauty Salon at Tokyo Shinjuku Okubo 1chome 4-14 Shinjuku Frontier Biru 3F,((東京都新宿区大久保1丁目 4-14新宿フロンティアビル3F )), 7minuets walk from Shin Okubo Station. We're nestled in the vibrant heart of the city, making it convenient for you to escape into a world of self-indulgence.

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